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Understanding the Different Smoke Damage Types

Updated: May 17, 2022

Are you moving into a new home with smoke damage, and you aren't sure what type is affecting you? That's a troubling situation because many smoke types may affect your home and require different treatment methods. Here are a few types you may notice in your house. Each can cause different damage problems and vary in danger based on their effects.

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke damage occurs when a fast and hot fire burns in your home, usually one fed by paper, word, and other fibrous materials. The smoke is typically quite fine and remains fairly easy to clean up because it doesn't absorb as much into your home materials. That said, it can also be hard to identify because it often works into various hidden areas of the house and may linger there for years.

Wet Smoke

Web smoke damage is the opposite of dry because it occurs with slower and less intense fires. For example, plastic and rubber burns often produce a very thick and black smell that covers your home and causes a lot of serious damage. The only benefit here is that you will definitely notice the smoke in your home, but it can be very hard to remove without special equipment.

Recreational Smoke

Recreational smoke damage includes smoke from cigarettes and marijuana. This smoke remains the most common type in homes because people may smoke in their living or dining room and let this damage spread rapidly. It may also cause seriously nasty odors that can be troubling when moving into a new home. Intensive cleaning is often necessary because this smoke type typically includes more long-term and sustained damage.

Cooking Smoke

Many kitchens may be stained with cooking smoke damage, which may occur when preparing foods like beef, pork, and chicken. That's because fat-rich foods often produce heavy smoke that can become a fine mist that is more damaging than it may appear. Some of these smoke types may permanently damage or discolor your kitchen and its appliances and furniture. Specialized cleaning solutions help break apart these stains and minimize their spread.

Oil Smoke

Lastly, oil smoke damage is one of the worst imaginable kinds because it is so dark and dense. Oil smoke also smells awful and can even cause lung damage or other health problems. Even stuck-on smoke can cause these problems if it goes airborne. While you can clean it with a grease-dissolving cleaner, it is best to work with professionals who can use breathing gear to stay safe while cleaning your home.

Call a Professional

While you might think that you can handle this smoke damage cleanup, it is almost always best to hire a professional who can help you. Doing so will ensure that you get the best experience by letting experts with specialized equipment clean your home. In this way, you can remove smoke and get your home back in shape and free from the dangers of serious smoke stains.

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